Some selections from shows over the years...

The Lightning Thief, 2022

The Lightning Thief

Spring Campus Slot, 2022

Directed by Ben Miller
Music Directed by Matt Torres

All photos by Lily Langos

Mamma Mia!

Fall Aidekman Slot, 2021

Directed by Amanda Wilhoit
Music Directed by Mich Lewis and Stephanie Rifkin

All photos by Lily Langos

Spelling Bee

Fall Major, 2019

Directed by Liv Gunthert
Music Directed by Josh Kim

All photos by Katie Rooney

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Fall O-Show, 2019

Directed by Nick Jodka
Music Directed by Mona Tavangar and Adam Lipson

All photos by Madeleine Oliver

The Apple Tree

Spring Minor, 2019

Directed by Taite Pierson
Music Directed by Tom Felt

All photos by Emai Lai